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It’s true—there hasn't been a heavy hip-hop buzz coming from Uptown Manhattan in a long time. Remember that in the 1920’s Harlem was the Mecca of Black music. But its popularity slowly died down throughout the years as Harlem fell into the hands of the streets becoming one of the most well known ghettos in America. Now with the rebirth of a new Harlem Renaissance comes also the resurgence of rap in NYC’s honorary sixth borough. And who’s leading the way to bring Harlem world and hip-hop back to where it once was? Harlem’s own government officials The Diplomats: Cam`ron, Jim Jones, Freekey Zekey, Juelz Santana, J.R. Writer, Hell Rell, 40 Cal, and Jha Jha. Face it, 2005 has been Dip set's year, Cam and his Diplomat crew had spent ’04 running the radio airwaves and video shows. Beyond their commercial albums, Dip Set also rules the streets with their immensely popular mix-tapes. With this new follow up, Cam`ron and company are set to unleash a flurry of new street anthems including the first national single "Mic Check."

It all first started when Cam dropped his third LP, a banger entitled Come Home With Me. The album spurred one of the smash hits of the summer of 02, "Oh Boy," infectious clever rhymes and hook over a sped up R&B sample produced by Just Blaze. It was on "Oh Boy" that the baby-faced LaRon James a.k.a. Juelz Santana made his biggest Diplomat guest appearance spitting playful lyrics on the song’s second verse. Since then the Diplomats have been on fire ruling the radio waves and mix tapes with their catalogue of unreleased music and freestyle's, which only proves what workaholics the guys are. But that doesn't mean that the Diplomats are a new crew coming into the rap game. "We're like a movement," Jim Jones insists. "We don't like to say crew no more because a crew tends to break up all the time. And we're not new either."

Koch Records, in conjunction with Diplomat Records, was thrilled to announce the release of several new diplomat albums. Hell Rell "For The Hell of It", Jr Writer "History in The Making", Duke Da God "More Than Music" and Jim Jones second LP as well. These new albums are the much-anticipated follow-up to Dip Set's gold certified collection, Diplomatic Immunity II which was released in November of 2004. Cam’s flip-flopping clever rhymes intermingled with his competitive nature and Jim’s charismatic style rap and aggressive leadership antics it’s crystal clear that the Diplomat leaders, along with their young gun Juelz and new members JR Writer, Jha Jha, 40 Cal, and Hell Rell and the always extreme Zekey, will be able to take their movement to the next level: international stardom. “I don't know if the people are ready for us again ‘cause we're going to take over the world,” Jim laughs. These new albums intends to prove that the Diplomats have a rhyme arsenal more deadly than any crew repping NYC today. But also that it takes more then a few creative rappers and contagious beats to make a movement.

Diplomat members have each had successful solo careers: Cam`Ron`s solo albums have sold over 2 million units, and his 3rd album, Come Home With Me has been certified platinum. Jim Jones released On My Way To Church, his debut effort back in 2004 on Koch Records/Diplomat Records -- it`s already sold over 200,000 copies to date. Juelz Santana`s debut album, From Me To U has also done well. It takes more then a few creative rappers and contagious beats to make a movement. It takes an army full of Harlem soldiers!



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